Welcome to the Elementary School
    4500 Orchard Place, Gasport NY 14067
    Phone: 716.735.2000 x3054   Fax: 716.735.2066 
     Building Principal and Dignity Act Coordinator
    Mrs. Donna VanSlyke
     Building Secretary
    Mrs. Deanna McCarthy x3054
    Health Office
    Mrs. Tammy Bentley, R.N. x2064
    Attendance Office
    Mrs. Mary Bewley x1004
                                               PreK pic

    Special Notes for Back-to-School Mailings:

    Emergency Contact Forms will not be included in the summer mailings but will be distributed during OPEN HOUSE.


    Applications for free lunch will be included in the  homeroom mailings.   We encourage parents/guardians to fill out and return to the school.  It's simple, quick, confidential and the eligibility cutoff is higher than most people expect.


    Please note, there was a typo in the mailings that went home to the Kindergarten and 1st grade families.  Memorial Day recess is May 22nd to the 25th.