• Board of Education Members

    Carol Blumrick (06/2020)
    31 State Street
    Middleport NY  14105
    Chad Owen (06/2021)
    6 Alfred Street
    Middleport NY  14105
    Tom Brigham, Jr. (06/2020)
    Vice President
    4029 Quaker Road
    Gasport, NY  14067
    Jeffrey Waters (06/2020)
    13 Alfred Street
    Middleport, NY 14105
    Carrie Choate (06/2021)
    4686 Gasport Road
    Gasport, NY 14067
    Jason Wilhelm (06/2019)
    3366 Stone Road
    Middleport NY  14105
    Sara Fry (06/2019)
    4972 Royalton Center Road
    Gasport NY  14067

    As a body created under Education Law of New York State, the Board of Education of the Royalton-Hartland Central School District has full authority, within the limitations of federal and state laws and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education and interpretations of them, to carry out the will of the people of its District in matters of education.
    Board members have no authority over school affairs as individuals.  They have authority only when acting as a body duly called in session.
    Members of the Board are free to speak to individuals on issues related to the District outside of Board meetings, but such public expression is not to be construed as Board policy.  The Board will not be bound in any way by any individual’s statement or action unless the Board, through an adopted policy or by a majority vote of Board membership, has delegated this authority to the individual member.  (Board Policy #1120)
    The Board of Education consists of seven individuals elected by the community and serve overlapping three-year terms.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings of the Board of Education which are generally held the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the high school media center.