• In the Math 7 Accelerated Class we will be covering the following content:


    Chapter 1: Operations with Integers 

    Chapter 2: Operations with Rationals 

    Chapter 3: Powers and Roots 

    Chapter 4: Ratios, Proportions and Similar Figures 

    Chapter 5: Algebraic Expresions 

    Chapter 6: Equations and Inequalities

    Chapter 7: Percents 

    Chapter 8: Linear Equations 

    Chapter 9: Statistics and Probability 

    Chapter 10: Congruence, Similarity, and Transformations 

    Chapter 11: Volume and Surface Area 

    Chapter 12: Transformations  


    ** The New York State Math 7 Assessment test will take place April 22nd & 23rd.  We will be reviewing before the test during our daily math class. 


    **This course will have a final exam assessing course content during the Middle School Final Exam Week in June.