• Each week students will be given a list of sight words.  We will put them on index cards and I will send them home.  Please practice them with your child!

    Students will also be given a spelling list of word families.  We will practice these words in class, but additional practice at home should take place!

    Week 1
    sight words: I, see, to, is, a, the
    spelling:   Short a word families:  -at, -an, -ap, -am, -ab, -ad, etc.
            challenge words:  I, see, to, a

    Week 2
    sight words:  we, you, he, like, for, no
    spelling:  short e word families:  -et, -en, -ed, -ent
            challenge words: go, is, the, no

    Week 3
    sight words:  by, or, all, so, look, my
    spelling:  short i word families:  -it, -in, -id, -ip, -im, etc.
            challenge words:  my, me, you, one

    Week 4
    sight words:  of, some, have, were, do, said
    spelling:  short o word families:  -ot, -on, -op, -ob, -od, etc.
            challenge words: of, look, have, all

    Week 5
    sight words:  says, was, two, are, when, will
    spelling: short u word families:  -ut, -ub, -un, -ud, -ug, -um, etc.
            challenge words: are, from, she, was

    ASSESSMENT WEEK Review Weeks 1 - 5

    Week 6
    sight words:  your, come, she, from, there, put
    spelling:  Long a Vcve (vowel, consonant, vowel, -e):  -ape, -ate, -ake, -ale, -ane, -ame, -abe, ace, etc.
            challenge words: so, some, what
    Week 7
    sight words: be, one, what, which, why, here
    spelling:  Long i Vcve (vowel, consonant, vowel, -e):  -ide, -ife, -ike, -ile, -ime, -ine, etc.
            challenge words: do, who, said

    Week 8
    sight words:  could, should, would, down, his, they
    spelling: Long o Vcve (vowel, consonant, vowel, -e):  -ote, -one, -obe, -ode, -oke, -ole, -ose, etc.
            challenge words: says, where, put

    Week 9
    sight words: with, this, their, word, as, because
    spelling:  Long u Vcvc (vowel, consonant, vowel, -e):  -ule, -ube, -use
            challenge words: which, want, two

    Week 10
    sight words:  your, how, other, about, many, each
    spelling:  Y /i/ and E /e/ examples:  my, by, why, spy, try, fly, dry, cry, me, he, we, be, she
            challenge words: when,  they,  here

    ASSESSMENT WEEK Weeks 6 - 10

    Week 11
    sight words:  then, want, where, once
    spelling:  oo:  took, wood, spoon, tooth, good, etc.
            challenge words: come, there, were

    Week 12
    sight words:  out, them, these, her
    spelling:  ou:  proud, shout, about, out, sound, noun, found, etc.
            challenge words: could, would, should

    Week 13
    sight words:  that, does, more, write
    spelling: ow: grow, flow, know, down, own, brown, how, etc.
            challenge words: their, your, has
    Week 14
    sight words:  number, way, people, find
    spelling:  ew: new, stew, knew, blew, flew, drew, sew, chew, etc.
            challenge words: because, with, as

    Week 15
    sight words: than, first, water, been
    spelling:  aw: saw, crawl, jaw, awful, claw, prawn, etc.
            challenge words: if, once, word

    ASSESSMENT for Weeks  11 - 15

    Week 16
    sight words: our, through, before, even
    spelling:  -er   examples:   her, herself, fern, verb, border, perfume, etc.
            challenge words:  yesterday, use, each

    Week 17
    sight words: ask, why, ever, every
    spelling:  -ar  examples:  ark, shark, yearn, sharp, start, bar, etc.
            challenge words:  other, many, than
    Week 18
    sight words: only, little worked, place
    spelling:  -or  examples:  for, order, lord, storm, forest, etc.
            challenge words:  them, these, that

    Week 19
    sight words: very, after, thing, just
    spelling:  -ir  example:  girl, skirt, fir, stir, etc.
            challenge words:  more, write, number
    Week 20
    sight words: can't, don't, won't, I'll
    spelling:  -ur  example:  furn, curl, spur, turn, urn, etc.
            challenge words:  next, then, first

    ASSESSMENT:  Weeks 16 - 20

    Week 21
    sight words:  she'll, he'll, she's, he's
    spelling:  -ea  example:  Head, read, bead, read, clean, etc.
            challenge words:   father, mother, children

    Week 22
    sight words:  I've, we've, didn't, hasn't
    spelling:  -ay  example: hay, say, pray, play, playing, etc.
            challenge words:  can't, don't, isn't
    Week 23
    sight words:  want, boy, follow, too
    spelling:  -ai  example:  rain, train, grain, trait, explain, etc.
            challenge words:  can't, don't, isn't
    Week 24
    sight words:  any, such, move, tomorrow
    spelling:  -oa  example: boat, floats, boast, coast, etc.
            challenge words:  didn't, shouldn't, she's

    Week 25
    sight words:  also, around, from, three, small, set
    spelling:  -out, own words
            challenge words:  I'll, won't, I'd

    ASSESSMENT:  Weeks 21 - 25

    Week 26
    sight words:  different, right, mean, which
    spelling:  -igh  example:  sigh, high, right, light, night, knight, etc.
            challenge words:  time, has, that

    Week 27
    sight words:  sentence, away, think, great
    spelling:  -alk example: talk, walk, stalk, chalk, etc.
            challenge words:  shorter, shortest, bigger

    Week 28
    sight words:  here, again, large, another
    spelling:  -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung  example:  bang, sing, gong, lung, etc.
            challenge words:  reread,  undo, homework
    Week 29

    Year End Review

    Week 30

    Year End Review
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