• school supplies
    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Below is a list of the suggested First Grade supplies your son/daughter will need in the fall.

    2 Dozen #2 plain pencils
    Blunt scissors (I have some if you would rather use mine)
    1 Bottle of white glue (no gel glue please)
    6 Glue Sticks
    3 boxes of crayons (box/set of 24) (No Markers please)
    1 Box of tissues
    2 pocket folders: one RED and one BLUE
    1 Box gallon size ziplock bags (boys)
    1 Box sandwich size ziplock bags (girls)
    1 Black & white marble composition notebook
    2 Pkgs. 3"x5" unlined index cards
    Pencil box no larger than 5" x 9"
    2 packages of black fine point Expo low odor markers 
    Socks and tie sneakers (or with Velcro closings if child cannot tie shoes) that will support the feet (No zipper closure or slip-ons)
    Non-restrictive clothing should be worn. No dresses please!
    No below waist, extra long or baggy pants
    (Short shirts/ spaghetti straps are not permitted.)
    No jewelry (including body piercing, friendship anklets/bracelets)
    Long hair must be braided or tied back for safety. (No headbands/scarves)