• If you have any questions as to what songs you may be involved in PLEASE see Mrs. B-D


    ACT I - 

    I/1 - Wide Open Spaces - Full Ensemble (Mrs. Dodge)


    I/3 - What Kind of Man - Georgia, Aaron, Carmen, Oscar (Mrs. B-D)

    Thinking of Him - Georgia (Mrs. B-D)

    The Woman’s Dead - Full Ensemble (Mrs. B-D)

    Show People - Full Ensemble (Mrs. Dodge and Mrs. B-D)

    Coffee Shop Nights - Cioffi and Niki (Mrs. B-D)


    I/4 - In The Same Boat #1 - Georgia, Bambi, Niki (Mrs. B-D)

     I Miss the Music  - Aaron Cioffi (Mrs. B-D)


    I/5 - Thataway - Full Ensemble (Mrs. Dodge)


    ACT II


    II/1 - The Man is Dead - Jenny, Roberta, Mona (Mrs. B-D)

    He Did It - Full Ensemble (Mrs. B-D)

    In The Same Boat #2 (Mrs. B-D)

    It’s A Business (Mrs. Dodge and Mrs. B-D)


    II/2 - Kansasland - Full Ensemble (Mrs. Dodge)

    Thinking of Missing the Music - Aaron/Georgia - (Mrs. B-D)

    A Tough Act to Follow  - Cioffi, Niki - Specialty Dancers - (Mrs. Dodge)

    In the Same Boat #3 - Full Ensemble - OffStage

    II/3 - In The Same Boat #4 - Full Ensemble - OffStage


    II/4 - In The Same Boat #5 - Full - Ensemble - Off Stage

    In the Same Boat Complete - Full Ensemble - (Mrs. B-D, and Mrs. Dodge)

    Wide Open Spaces - Ensemble - Mrs. Dodge

    II/5 - Show People Reprise - Carmen, Cioffi (Mrs. B-D)

    Transition to stage - Full Ensemble (Mrs. Dodge)

    A Tough Act Finale - Full Ensemble  (Mrs. Dodge and Mrs. B-D)