• Social Studies

    This course provides students with the historic, economic, social and political background of the major non-western cultural regions of the world and the ability to understand the multi-ethnic nature of those cultures. In doing so the course aims to foster a global outlook and to cultivate the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to function effectively inan increasingly interdependent world. At the end of the course students should be able to compare and contrast ideas, peoples and events across the globe. Successful completion of a local final exam will be expected at the end of the course. Information learned in this course will be tested as part of the Global Studies 10 NYS Regents exam.

    GLOBAL HISTORY 10 OR 10E COURSE #20010/20010E
    GRADE: 10 CREDITS: 1
    LENGTH: 40 WEEKS PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Global 9.
    The course will continue a cultural study that started with Global 9. Students will study the world from the 1800’s to present. The class will study culture, geography, religion and many other aspects of our world. The concept of global interdependence will be discussed throughout the year. At year's end, students must pass the NYS Global Studies Regents
    exam. This is a graduation requirement.

    GLOBAL HISTORY 10E (Enriched) Students who enroll in Global 10 Enriched will be expected to do more independent reading and preparation to allow for a deeper discussion of course content and a higher level of engagement with relevant concepts and material. There are a limited number of seats available for this course. Enrollment will have based on grades, teacher recommendation and the completion of summer reading assignments.

    GRADE: 11 CREDITS: 1
    The United States History and Government course is divided into six major historical units. The first unit, Constitutional foundations of the U.S. is by far the most important as it is necessary to master the Constitution to understand the later development of the U.S. This first unit takes 10 weeks to complete. The second unit deals with the industrialization of the U.S. from 1865 to 1920 and its impact on cultural, political, and economic change. The Progressive Movement is the subject of the third unit, and its impact on reform. Our fourth unit focuses on prosperity and depression at home and abroad 1917 to 1940. The fifth unit discusses the U.S. in an age of global crisis and the reasons for our shift from isolation to international leadership during the Cold War. Our sixth unit, The World in Uncertain Times stresses the growing interdependence of nations and the role of the U.S. in global affairs as well as social, economic, and political changes facing the U.S. today. In each unit, students must demonstrate their ability to interpret document-based questions and to write an appropriate essay response. At year's end students must pass the United States History NYS Regents exam.


    GRADE: 11-12 CREDITS: 1
    LENGTH: 40 WEEKS PREREQUISITE: must have earned a 90 or higher for Global 10, Successful submission of a writing exemplar (history-based writing assessed May/June), Current teacher/US History teacher meeting

    NCCC United States History is an in-depth look at our nation's past orientated to the eleventh and twelfth grade student. A chronological approach to United States history is presented in this course. The numerous units span the discovery and settlement of the New Worlds during the Age of Exploration to the United States in current times. NCCC United States History is a course offering that fulfills a dual purpose. It fulfills the N.Y.S. Regent’s requirement for U.S. History, and as such will culminate with the U.S. History and Government Regent’s exam in June. This course also serves as an opportunity to do advanced coursework taught at the college level as well as earn college credit in the Advanced Placement Program with the Advanced Placement exam. The students enrolled in this course can expect college level lectures and class discussions, as well as reading and work load similar to college requirements. This course will be weighted at 1.07. (NCCC 3 per semester Credit course- HIS 120/122 students can pay for college credit)

    GRADE: 12 CREDITS: 0.5
    Economics is a graduation requirement for all seniors. This is an introductory course in economics. It has been said that the U.S. economy is the eighth wonder of the world and that Americans’ ignorance of how their own economy works is the ninth wonder of the world! The course will help you understand basic economic principles and how economic decisions are made. It will help you become a better consumer and an informed citizen. As with all disciplines, economics has its own vocabulary and procedures which you will be expected to learn.

    GRADE: 12 CREDITS: 0.5
    This is the culminating course of your studies in government since Middle School. We will examine government’s purpose, the origins of government and how our current government works. More importantly, we will focus on how YOU, the soon-to-be adult citizen, will interact and participate in our government and society.

    GRADE: 12 CREDITS: 1
    LENGTH: N/A PREREQUISITE: teacher recommendation
    Students need to apply in Spring of their Junior Year (See Mrs. Albee for details on Internship).
    Students will engage in a program of off campus activities that involve working with and observing the Niagara County Legislature. Students will work in the capacity of an intern, exploring the mechanics of our County Government. Each student will attend a variety of legislative sessions with a Legislator sponsor, attend committee meetings, tour the County Jail, and record notes in a journal of information received from guest lecturers. Students will also sponsor a resolution presented at a "mock" legislative session at the conclusion of the semester. This course can be used in lieu of the required Participation in Government course.