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  • Dear School Community Members,

    I was sitting in the stands last Saturday enjoying our senior recognition ceremony in the newly renovated pool.  When I began my day, I thought I was going to simply support our student athletes in one of their last competitions of their high school career. When I left that morning, I had been given a gift that I could not have anticipated.  You may ask, what gift could a Superintendent receive at a swim competition? The gift was the gift of perspective.

    As I observed the interactions of our swimmers, I realized a sense of community, team spirit and support.  I observed our swimmers assisting adults into the stands to get to their seats, picking up a dropped cell phone, and taking time to thank a grandparent for coming to the meet.  As I watched all this play out, I thought to myself how frequently I see this type of behavior in each of our schools - a fourth grade student helping a kindergartner, a middle school student picking up a dropped folder of another student in the hallway, I could go on and on.

    Unfortunately, we do not report the number of acts of kindness, school spirit or what it means to be a good citizen.  We are required to report violent incidents, state testing results, budgets and much more. If we were to report the acts of kindness, school spirit and citizenship, I have no doubt that Roy-Hart would be near or at the top of this performance indicator in all of New York State and beyond.

    As I shared last month, we are currently working to improve our website and social media feeds.   I encourage the community to consider following my new Twitter feed @DrStopinski to get regular updates on the happenings in our school.   Please bear with me as I am a “digital novice” and learning more each day.  Thank you to all the students who have been helping me to learn about these social media applications.

    As always, I hope that you will make an effort to reach out and say hello when you see me around the schools and town.

    Dr. Hank Stopinski

    Superintendent of Schools


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