• Community Members:

    As you are aware, our Board of Education has authorized me to begin the development of a multi-year capital improvement plan to upgrade our schools’ facilities and grounds.  The plan will call for an initial community referendum in May of 2019 to begin what will likely be a four-year phased process.

    The District’s first proposal will address immediate needs of the District including items such as roofs and infrastructure.  Like maintaining a house, we must first make certain that the water does not leak in, the utilities are functioning well and that the day to day needs are met. We will depend on our five-year building condition survey, architects and, most importantly, those who maintain our buildings, to advise us on this first phase.

    I have been working with various focus groups to review thoughts and recommendations about our facilities. A District Facilities Committee, consisting of Board Members, Administrators and Consultants have been meeting on a monthly basis.

    We are always interested in hearing from our community members!  I welcome the opportunity to present to our local Lions Club, PTAs, church groups and other organizations in the Roy-Hart community. If you are interested in learning more, or perhaps make recommendations, please reach out to me through my Administrative Assistant, Marjorie Masters, at 735-2000 ext. 2318.


    Dr. Hank Stopinski

    Superintendent of Schools